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Hi! My name is Marijana and I am 24 years old. I have been obsessed by writing since I was a little kid (I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true) and I now hold a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism and MA degree in Journalism and I am currently pursuing a professional diploma in Digital Marketing. I am a huge fan of and a firm believer in never-ending growth and education.

I grew up in Labin, a small town on the north coast of Croatia, I have studied in Zagreb, Croatia and Łódź, Poland and I am now living in beautiful Dublin, Ireland. Even though I mostly prefer writing in English, Croatian is my native language and you will find Croatian posts here too.

I have been into sports since I was 7 when I started playing handball, which went on until I was 20. Realizing I couldn’t live without sport, I started casual running in 2012, which turned into long-distance running not even a year later. That’s how and why I got to the point to refer to myself as a marathon and ultramarathon runner (don’t confuse me with a professional runner, though – no one pays me to run).

Because of how amazing both of the sports are, I get to travel quite a bit. I am also in the most awesome relationship ever (engaged, actually!), which is how I get to have a perfect life/running/travel partner, too.

Other than all the things stated above, I am a big food lover, tea addict, bookworm, volunteer and adventurer and you are more likely to find me in mountains or cycling or anywhere outdoor in general than in a night club.

And finally, the reason why this blog exists: because there are so many journalism jobs that don’t actually pay a salary, at some point I focused on jobs that actually pay bills, and neglected writing and journalism in general for quite a while. It was 2014 when I decided to write on this particular blog, but only in late 2015 I have made it a full project of mine and a creativity-flowing place, and I enjoy every piece of it.

I hope you do, too. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me via Twitter or email for any reason at all!